For 10 years
you've marveled
at the
of our
Daily Soul
I am very
impressed with
the accuracy of the daily soul vibrations.
Deon (London)

I would like
to know how it
works because
I am getting
100% correct
Susan (Chicago)

Each time I read
my horoscope my
jaw almost hits
the floor because
everything is so
right on the head for me.
(Stone Mountain, GA)

The affirmations
are really
inspiring. Keep
on with it!
(Los Angeles)

Get Our

Spirit Match

Romantic Compatibility

You get two computer generated romantic compatibility reports.

You see how two very different astrologers compare your romantic and sexual nature to that of your partner (or to someone you’re checking out).

But before we email the entire package to you we take a look

We add the branded Soul Vibrations touch that has made our Daily and Weekly Soul Vibrations popular with millions of people in 35 countries.

Your personalized 50 - page Spirit Match Report mixes astrology and spirituality to deepen your love for yourself as you look for someone else to love.
Soul Vibrations
The only branded astrology in the world
We’ve mixed
and our
to bring you something new!

It’s a guide book that compares my inner life to hers. I love it.
Darren (Denver)

It’s chockfull and informative. I learned a lot about myself and my partner.
Sharon (St. Louis)

You guys have written the story of our love life.
Nancy and Paul
(New York City)

Very thorough! It rings true and this gives us an amazing feeling of control.

We’re excited.

Have you ever had a report done by an astrologer? This is as close as you can get without paying $100.00 or more to have an astrologer go over your chart with you.

All you need to know is his or her birth date, month and year, and time of birth (if you know it). You’ll need to know his or her place of birth. You’ll need the same information for yourself.

The rest is up to us. Allow 24 – 48 hours because we prepare each report individually. We think you’re going to like what you read.


only $29.50


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